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Big K.R.I.T

A friend of mine just had a baby and while I’m happy for her, it’s bittersweet because I knew her old boyfriend. I met him before her and we were closer. He passed away several years ago. We went to law school at the same time but he lived in another state. He was a Native guy and sort of a scoundrel but he had a good heart and wanted to help his people. He would do things like call at 2am and ask me to call an escort service for him, or say there was white guys after him trying to beat him up. One time when he called my niece was there. We are the same age (You know how it is when you’re Native. You can have aunties and stuff your age or younger). So he asked to talk to her. I didn’t catch the whole convo but it ended with her calling him a sick bastard and hanging up on him. Lol I thought he was funny. In the meantime he danced in powwows and worked so hard on his studies. He would have been an amazing leader for his people. But he died in his sleep just 2 months short of graduation. They gave him an honorary degree.

So I look at that baby and think, it could have been his. He’s gone though. It chokes me up.